Diana Francis

People, Peace and Power

‘A book of great interest and importance for those engaged in mediation and conflict resolution, for peace studies students and teachers and, indeed, for all of us.’

Naomi Goodman, former president of the Jewish Peace Fellowship

‘Francis is one of the world’s most experienced and able facilitators in conflict transformation. Her book commands attention, for two reasons. First, it is one of the first comprehensive assessments of the role that workshops can play in peace-building and peace work. Secondly, it shows how nonviolence can be combined with conflict resolution, based on the value of respect for the person.’

Hugh Miall, Richardson Institute, Lancashire University

‘Here is a book that many peacebuilding constituencies have been waiting for – a volume which reveals the largely unreported but powerful local processes of conflict transformation going on in the midst of violence and war on every continent. Theory and practice are lucidly woven together in a text which will empower and activate the reader.’

Elise Boulding, Professor Emerita of Sociology at Dartmouth College

‘[A]n honest and very personal account, which sets it apart from the numerous training manuals that are now on the market. What shines through is [Francis’s] integrity and her commitment to the process and the vision of nonviolent conflict transformation.’

Andrew Rigby, Director, Centre for the Study of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Coventry University

‘A valuable resource book for all those who seek not merely conflict resolution or management, but conflict transformation – in which peace is built and maintained.’

Rev. Bob Scott, World Council of Churches secretariat