Diana Francis

People, Peace and Power

The manuscript of this book was completed two days before the horrific attacks made on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (11 September 2001). Apart from brief references in the first and last chapters, they are therefore not discussed. At first this seemed a serious omission but, upon reflection, I have come to realise that the difference between what I would have written and what I have written is negligible. In fact, my book’s title signals its relevance; and its perspective, analysis and focus can be seen as explanatory of those dreadful events and their aftermath, and indicative of what needs to happen in response.

The words ‘democracy’ and ‘civilisation’ have been raised as a banner for war. It is time for the right location and exercise of power – and the nature of power itself – to be re-examined; time too for reconsideration of what constitutes ‘civilisation’, and of the nature and role of culture. The notion of justice has been brought into sharp relief, and never before has there been a greater need to demythologise violence. These issues are at the heart of what I have written. I hope therefore that as people across the world try to rediscover their power to make a difference, this book will be of use, and will uplift the work of those who use their lives to do just that.